App Leaderboard

This is my personal leaderboard of social (and possibly other) apps. Comments are welcome. Annoying comments will be deleted.


Schedule posts on Twitter, Faceboook and LinkedIn

Discovered: January 2012

Still cool: May 26, 2012

Do Share

Chrome plugin: schedule and Share Google+ posts

Discovered: May 24, 2012

Still cool: May 27, 2012


Social media dashboard. Chrome extension integrates with GMail

Discovered: May 25, 2012

Still cool: June 14, 2012


Instagram and Pinterest mashup
On June 13th, beat Instagram and Pinterest to the punch by releasing an iPad app. That’s beautiful.

Discovered: May 19, 2012

Still cool: May 26, 2012


Website tools and browser extension

Discovered: January 2012

Still cool: May 26, 2012


Manage and analyze your Twitter community; integrates with Buffer and Hootsuite; Chrome extension and standalone AIR app. Key feature: ‘Best time to tweet’ report

Discovered: January 2012

Still cool: May 26, 2012


Turn Facebook into a TV Channel

Discovered: May 21, 2012

Still cool: May 26, 2012

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